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2022 Lessons from a Stolen Vespa

Hello Vespetti - Teresa here writing to you about my 2021 loss and lessons learned.

My 150 Vespa Primavera was stolen Columbus Day Weekend, Oct 2021. Thankfully this season I am back on a 300cc scooter and ready to take on the streets again!

1) Always park close to your home or next to a camera

Much to my surprise, and luck, I had parked in front of a residential building that had a security camera. The local police station was able to obtain the footage as proof that two men (in black hoodies) picked up my scooter and brought it onto a flat bed truck. Poof - it was gone.

2) Act Quickly

If you cannot remember where you parked or seriously believe your scooter was stolen you need to file a police report within 24 hours. This will aid in having the proper documentation on your vehicle, and put a plate alert for bridges and tolls if someone were to pass through a toll bridge.

3) Have full theft coverage on your vehicle.

Insurance for your vespa is so affordable for the year, for an extra couple of bucks make sure you have full theft coverage. Remember a 150cc is about 250lbs and a 300cc is about 300-400lbs. A couple of strong people CAN pick that up.

4) Invest in an Apple Air Tag and place it somewhere secure and discreet on your vespa. These will sync to your iPhone and update you, hour by hour, where your vespa is located. They're cheap and a preventative action you can take to ensure you know where you parked and if your Vespa mysteriously moves!

5) Connect with the vespa community. There are numerous bloggers and groups like ours that posted and tried to assist in helping me find clues.

Hope none of our members ever have their scooters stolen and that this article offers some preventative tips.

Until then - ride safe - and Go Vespa!


Teresa Alessandro

Making NYC Home

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